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Denise Aimée™ translates the exotic elements of her garden and embraces it onto the body. Out of a deep interest in, and passion for perfume, our aim has been to create unique, luxurious fragrances composed of primarily natural ingredients/essential oils. Achieving this goal has been compelling, gratifying and well received.

The key essential oils we use include: rose otto, rose bulgaria, jasmine absolute, gardenia absolute, and rose geranium, from the finest purveyors. We age our perfume bases used in our perfume in small batches to insure that our scents retain a rich range of subtle to high notes, which then linger on the skin for several hours once applied. 

All of our products are hand blended, with the precision and delicacy required in the fine art of mixing and bottling precious and rare essential oils. Denise Aimée™ introduces a new dimension of purity, opulence and sophistication to the concepts of insect repellent and perfumed body oil. 

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